Crystalite Bohemia s.r.o. Světlá nad Sázavou

The history of the glassworks in Světlá nad Sázavou began in 1967, when the foundation stone was laid and work began on the construction of a new modern glass combine. There are records of glass production in this area dating back to the end of the 16th century. This history, and the small glassworks around Světlá that still continue in this tradition, have been the source of a highly qualified workforce.

Production began in 1970 with a range of mostly handmade goods.

A revolutionary change came with the introduction of the automatic production of machine-blown stemware in 1975. Another major step forward, allowing the glassworks to keep pace with other glass manufacturers around the world, came in 1998-2000. This was the start of production on two new smelting aggregates for making large presses with unique product specifications up to 43 cm in size and weighing up to 6 kg.

In 2008 Sklo Bohemia a.s. halted production, and was reopened a year later on 1 October 2009 as the limited company Crystalite Bohemia, purchased by the new owner, the Czech entrepreneur Lubor Cerva.

Nowadays the Company operates 5 smelting aggregates with a daily smelting capacity of 96 tons of molten glass to be made into other products. This annually equates to approximately 17 million pieces of machine-blown stemware and 5.5 million gift range items in the high-class design of the new ecological glass and first-rate quality. 

These products are exported to 52 destinations all over the world. Important clients include dealers from the Middle East and from Russia. However, these markets make up no more than approximately 15% of production.

CRYSTALITE BOHEMIA s.r.o glassworks now only produces and processes the new, modern ecologically-clean molten glass known as crystallite (crystallin) in a special refined consistency under a tried and tested process, which, in terms of its parameters, is equivalent to 24% leaded crystal and, in many ways, surpasses it.

Some of our most successful beverage glass collections include, for example, Klára, Barbara, Kleopatra, Gastro, Laura, Klaudie, etc. ……. From our gift range there is extraordinary demand for the Quadro, Safari, Magma, Falco and Jessie sets, among others.

The Company currently employs approximately 700 people in two plants – Crystalite Bohemia Světlá and Květná Glassworks – and generates a turnover of approximately EUR 40 million per year. 
Our very extensive range of high-quality products with their first-class, timeless design also keeps customers satisfied with their utility factor, with features offering the added, lasting value one might expect from certified goods of tradition, and unique technical and technological parameters


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