Thun Trade

Thun Trade

 Czech porcelain production started in 1790s, when the extensive deposits of kaolin clay were found in the region of Carlsbad. In  1792 a porcelain manufactory was established in Horni Slavkov and two years later, in 1794, another one in Klášterec nad Ohří.  

Thun 1794 a.s. is the biggest producer of porcelain in Czech Republic nowadays. The company produces household porcelain , hotel porcelain, baking dishes, children sets,mugs and offers a big variaty of decorations.


The company resides in the town Nova Role nearby Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) and has 3 production plants. All three plants are provided with modern technological and technical equipments such as isostatic presses,  pressure casting machines, glazing complexes, fast firing kilns, chamber kilns, decorating inglazed kilns etc. Company Thun 1794 a.s has an own production of prints for decoration also  – screenprint plant. 

Klášterec plant was established by the count Franz Joseph Thun and J.N. Weber  in 1794 as the second oldest factory in Bohemia.

Nova Role plant was established in 1921 and plant in Lesov was founded in 1888.

 Production capacity in  Thun 1794 a.s.  plants corresponds to  3500 – 4000 tons per one year,   75% about are been exported to EU countries, Russia, South Europe, Middle East, North and South America etc.

The exportation is provided by Thun Trade a.s.


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